Some people take the chance, but others won’t bet on it

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Most theories round where roulette actually came from revolve around Blaise Pascal, a 17th century French mathematician. The word “roulette” is certainly French, meaning small wheel. Because prince Charles of Monaco loved this game so much, it very quickly became extremely popular in the 18th century. He made it known that he hoped roulette could help get his country out of its economic crisis. The modern version of roulette didn’t appear until the mid 1800’s during California’s gold rush as a way to grow your money during a hard time. Try out roulette today in any online casino for the most modern take on this age old game. Another fun option is video poker and it is my favorite.

Being the shooter at a Craps table is on the most thrilling and enjoyable parts of the game. Throwing the dice just right that they bounce off the wall and land on the lucky seven is a feeling that is hard to beat. Everybody at least once in their lives should participate in a game of craps, few games are as exciting to play and even if you are unlucky enough not to have won any money, you will still leave the table with a smile on your face. The game offers so much to any gambler, the ups, the downs, the luck of the roll and the thrill of the outcome will have anybody soon becoming addicted to the game. Sometimes it is just better if you play online slots game instead.