Monkey Communism Propaganda

Communist Monkey Propaganda

These artworks are for entertainment purposes. Please do not actually liberate any monkeys.

No Monkeys Are Actually For Sale

billion dollar monkey question

What is your BILLION DOLLAR IDEA? Everyone has ONE!


Punk Monkey Riding The Bus

True Story: Punk Monkey Rides The Bus


Keep Calm And Monkey On

Keep Calm and Monkey On


Overcoats for Monkeys FOG

Monkey FOG brand over coats

Researched Monkeys

Leaders in Monkey Research

The Natives Are Getting Restless Monkey Artwork

The Natives Are Getting Restless Monkey Art


monkey with cat

Monkey Leader


monkey evolution with big splat bang

The Monkeys Have Evolved BANG!


Monkey on computer

Monkey Using A Computer like a human


Peek A Boom

Monkey playing peek a boo from behind the monolith.


monkey spoof of the space odyssey movie

Funny spoof of the monkey scene from 2001 A Space Odyssey.


monkey with apple on head getting arrowed

Monkey logic questioning the apple a day mantra


Monkey pressing Red Button

Monkey pressing the RED button he is not supposed to press.


smpl566rt  Monkey Gets a Punch while holding a cat

Monkey takes a punch while holding a cat


Monkey Vulcan like Spock

Monkeys pay tribute to Leonard Nimoy with Vulcan Monkey


monkeys and cat comic strip

Comic Strip with a cat and a monkey!


That Monkey Comic I Will Fly with you

Changed the name to “That Monkey Comic” This one is title “I will Fly With You”


Monkey trying to eat ice cream comic

Monkey Eating Ice Cream | Not the title used that day.


bubble gum monkey comic

Monkey blowing bubble gum


What you need for drawing comic  - monkey

Monkey Comic About What you Need for a good comic strip


Monkey Heavy Wood

Got Monkey Wood?


Iron Monkey Magazine

You Liff Bruh? Monkey Muscle Mag Spoof


monkey lizard magazine spoof of horse magazines

Monkeys Ride Lizards Like Human’s Ride Horses

retired monkey magazine cover

Magazine Cover for Retired Monkeys (SPOOF)


Artwork from the great Monkey Punk genre | Drinking Cool Aid

monkey punk breaking free from the leash

Monkey Punk Unleashed

spoof magazine glamping for monkeys

Monkey Glamping Magazine Cover Spoof

spoof GQ cover of monkey magazine

Monkey Quarterly Magazine Cover SPOOF

Monkey Currency is Crystals

Monkey Crystal Currency SAMPLE

monkey magazine "Furry" spoof cover

Monkey Fashion Magazine Spoof

Crystals Magazine Cover SPOOF

Crystals Are the Monkeys Money/Fiat-Currency

SPOOF magazine cover of "Business Monkey"

Another magazine spoof cover “Business Monkey”

very funny monkey magazine spoof

Simian Traveler Monkey Magazine Cover SPOOF


cover of monkey health magazine

Monkey’s Health Magazine COVER


Jedi Monkey CODE smpl81446

Monkey Monkey Dark Side | FUNNY

monkey license

Do You Have A License For Your Monkey? YES! You DO!


DJ Monkey Party smpl81446

Monkey DJ Party


pilot monkey smpl81445

Monkey Pilot


Crossing the Desert Monkeys smpl81445

Monkeys Crossing the GREAT desert.


vampire monkeys warning


Monkey sunset

monkey art by a monkey

monkey vaccine propaganda

Monkey Vaccine Propaganda to get rid of Banana-Pox

happy crying birthday monkeys

groovy monkey art

Psychedelic 60s Monkey Art in the groove.

monkey hot air balloon rides

Hot Air Balloon Monkeys For Hire.

monkey football

Super Monkey Bowl XIX | HOOORAA!!

monkey puppy dog

The Monkey Puppy dog (For Golden Monkeys Only)

Spoof of Apple advertisment Think Different

Monkeys Spoof Apple Ad

Monkey Parenting Magazine Spoof

Very funny monkey spoof of parenting magazine cover.

ad spoof with monkey of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Ad Spoof with Monkey Primates Collection

Spoof monkeys magazine funny cover

Spoof Cover of Monkeys Magazine

Fortune Teller Monkey

Monkey Fortune Teller

Robot Monkeys are your friends

Robot Monkeys Are Your Friends!

Schedule 80 Monkey Piping

Schedule 80 Piping Monkeys are the Doctors of modern plumbing.

Monkey Plumbers

Schedule-40 Monkey Plumbers.

Monkey group operating a paintball weapon

Monkey’s on the paintball gun. FIRE FIRE!!

Infinite Monkey Theorem Monkey on a Typewritter

Monkey on a typewriter | Infinite Monkey Theorem

monkeys with pistol 2nd amendment

2nd Amendment Monkeys with a Snub Nose Pistol

Divide By zero is big no no

Monkeys Space Time Continuum

Communist propaganda against monkey gambling

Communist Propaganda Against Monkey Gambling

Monkeys LOVE Grapes more than bananas

Isometric Citizen Monkey Art

Citizen Monkey | Isometric View

Monkey Gambler

Smoking and Gambling Monkey Artwork.

political monkey propaganda

Political Monkey Propaganda Communist Art.

Graffiti Monkey Art

Monkey Art – Communist Propaganda – Graffiti Artist Monkey

Monkey police lineup

Monkey police line up communist propaganda monkey art.

monkeys on a camel

Communist Propaganda of Monkeys riding a Camel. MONKEY CARAVAN SERVICES

monkey art of red button


monkeys in a blimp

Monkey Blimp Propaganda

skiing monkeys monkeytopia propaganda

Communist style propaganda of monkeys skiing the slopes of Monkeytopia

Je Suis Charlie monkey artwork

Monkey carrying a pencil to top of the mountain which has a Je Suis Charlie flag.


Bring your own beach ball to monkeytopia

Monkeytopia : Beach ball not included.


je suis charlie monkey art jesus is charlie joke

Je Suis Charlie confused with Jesus is Charlie

monkey with nunchucks je suis charlie

Je Suis Charlie Monkey with Nunchuck Penclis

Parody of Edvard Munch the SCREAM as monkey art

Parody of Edvard Munch’s SCREAM | Created by Yanito Freminoshi Monkey Art


umbrella monkey art communist propaganda

Communist Propaganda using an umbrella to stress the importance of putting our dear and glorious supreme leader even before ones own survival instinct.


monkeyangelo monkey art of the David and also how to use a QR Code so that it is noticed and used.

“How to use a QR Code Correctly” | AKA “The David” by Monkeyangelo


creation of monkey michaelangelo parody

Work of Monkeyangelo | Creation of Monkey

monkey boxing communist propaganda

We Train To Fight So As Not To Fight | Communist Propaganda MonkeyTopia


Monkey Mug Shot

monkey mug shot communist propaganda

Monkey Communist Propaganda Mug Shot “No Monkey Can Climb High Enough So as To Be Above The Law.”

Our Glorious Supreme Leader

optical illusion communist propaganda of our supreme leader

Psychedelic Optical Illusion of our Supreme Leader | Communist Propaganda

communsit propaganda of a happy new years

You may now begin enjoying 2015.



communist propaganda of monkey art of life being a balancing act

Life is a Balancing act communist propaganda | Monkeys Art


Fighter Pilot Monkey Art Communist Propaganda

Fighter Pilot Monkeys Communist Propaganda

funny monkeys art of communist propaganda about repairs

Communist Monkeys Propaganda of aircraft repair groups


scuba gear monkeys communist propaganda

Communist Propaganda of SCUBA diving monkeys with a tip on asking questions.

communist propaganda mimicing the Islamic State style execution image.

Islamic State styled monkey art communist propaganda.

Golden Monkeys peanuts currency communist propaganda

Communist monkey propaganda of two monkeys carrying a golden peanut along with a smaller golden monkey directing them. A multilanguage disclaimer in the background alludes that peanuts are the primary form of currency amongst the monkeys and that it is forbidden to all except golden monkeys.

Silent by deadly monkey soldiers

Monkey Communist Propaganda of soldier monkeys in what appears to be a swamp with the one monkey telling you to remain silent. Imploring the nation to comply with their secrecy policy.

Monkey revolution propaganda dramitization-beware-of-monkey-ninjas-communist-propaganda despite-all-my-rage-i-am-just-a-monkey-in-a-cage-free-the-monkeys-communist-monkey-art communist-monkey-propaganda-monkeys-of-the-world-unite-u-has-nothing-to-loose-but-ur-cage

Military monkey communistcommunist tank monkeyscommunist monkey dream mug shot full frontal tank monkeyscommunist monkey rifle groupsworking monkeys paradiseobama hope communist monkey posterrestricted access communist flyer flag of monkey communists

Infographic about how to draw a monkey maze