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Since the start of the online casino, there has been a raging debate over which type of casino offers the best playing experience. Some people say the land-based casino, which was practically the only option for high quality casino games for many years, is still the best place to play casino games. But a growing number of people have argued convincingly that the online casino is actually the superior option. They point to the convenience of playing in the comfort of home and being able to play while holding your beloved pet cat, drink a coffee, stop playing to solve a crossword puzzle, and all of the other advantages of the online experience. They also point to free casino bonus codes, which are not available to people at the land-based casinos. With the online casino bonus, the games are a little bit sweeter to play and the fun heightened. They allow flexibility in the way you play the games, especially if there is a game you wanted to try out but didn’t want to waste playing credits to try it. Casino bonus codes are not the reason you would choose the online casino over a land-based casino, but they are like the cherry on the top of a banana split, something that leaves a good taste after the main part is finished. In fact, online casino bonus codes are part of the online playing experience, with virtually every major casino site offering some sort of casino bonus. So when you’re trying to work out whether you get a better experience traveling to the hotels in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo, or staying home, bonding with your cat, and still experiencing the thrills of the real money casino, there is really no competition. The online casino wins by a mile.

playing online casino with your cat