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It is all good fun

28 November, 2011 (11:44) | Uncategorized |

Keno is one of the most underrated and least played casino games out there right now. Many people either don’t know about it or don’t appreciate the simplicity of the game. However it has become a firm favourite for those gamblers looking for a less stressful and even less strenuous way to gamble. Poker and […]

There is no chance if you don’t take one

28 November, 2011 (11:42) | Uncategorized |

Casino gambling is a great way to spend a few hours a week: its fun, relaxing and you can win large amounts of money to boot! But not everybody sees it that way. There are some people who start gambling and then can’t stop. At all costs avoid a gambling addiction: people who have to […]

The lighter side of things

28 November, 2011 (11:40) | Uncategorized |

If you are new to the gambling world, it may be a little overwhelming. Here is a little info about some gambling systems to get you started. 1) Fibonacci Progression-Bet one unit to the value of your choice. If you lose, bet one again. If you lose again, bet two…the following bets are the sum […]

Taking a chance is good, but there are risks involved

28 November, 2011 (11:38) | Uncategorized |

Let’s be honest shall we, casinos are not a great place to visit, the games on offer are brilliant but the environment can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Why would you spend your time arguing with an impolite dealer or being pushed around by inconsiderate people when you could be sitting […]

It might not always go your way

28 November, 2011 (11:29) | Uncategorized |

We’ve all watched the movies involving poker, the daredevil players, the suits, the martinis not to mention the women. But to many this game is out of reach. They either don’t know how to play or are too afraid of playing in the threatening atmosphere of most casinos. Poker is such a brilliant game that […]

Some people take the chance, but others won’t bet on it

28 November, 2011 (11:27) | Uncategorized |

Most theories round where roulette actually came from revolve around Blaise Pascal, a 17th century French mathematician. The word “roulette” is certainly French, meaning small wheel. Because prince Charles of Monaco loved this game so much, it very quickly became extremely popular in the 18th century. He made it known that he hoped roulette could […]

It depends on how the cards are stacked

28 November, 2011 (11:24) | Uncategorized |

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the game of Blackjack, and most of us have a basic knowledge of how to play it. Here is a little about how many different variations there are, and what options you have when it comes to playing this game. Online you’ll have many more options than in a […]

Wagering on it is an option

28 November, 2011 (11:22) | Uncategorized |

The video based slot machines are without a doubt the best ones to play. They encompass numerous themes, exciting characters, bonus spins and mini games. All these factors were put there to make winning easier and quicker, and to add an element of drama into an otherwise average gaming experience. When choosing which video slot […]